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Web 3 Ready
Web 3 Ready

We help businesses move into the web 3 space from integration to new projects.

Web 3 paves the way for all new ventures for your business with a plethora of options and tools to use, it can be daunting.

We work with businesses to create a strategy on how to integrate into the new with the most efficient tools and teams to achieve their goals.

Web 3 Possibilites
Web 3 Possibilities

Cryptocurrency - NFT - Blockchain

Web 3 is building up to be one of the most influential shifts of modern-day technology.

In the 2000s (Web 2 era) we saw the creation of platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Zoom, Google, and many more. 

These all share a common trait, they were all created in a time when the company held all of the power. Moving into Web 3 we are seeing a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) structure which allows users/community members/customers to control how the company progresses and advances.

Cryptocurrency – remains at the core of Web 3 allowing verified payment from a user’s wallet direct to the business wallet or allowing users to trade assets to the business in order to receive something in return, The options are endless with cryptocurrency as the core to everything.

NFTs – are insanely popular and mostly known as pictures of animals but now can be used as memberships to clubs and companies to allow holders exclusive benefits.

Blockchain – Projects and currencies can be on different chains and depending on the task or scope of the project it can affect the performance, reach, revenue drastically so needs due diligence to make sure you are choosing the correct one for your project.

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