A new approach to Lead Generation

We work with clients to optimize their sales funnel and generate high quality leads that actually convert into sales in the real estate industry across various different sectors.

“It is a great comfort to know that when I refer my clients to Vantage, they will be well looked after and have a positive experience all round.

I highly recommend Corey and the team at Vantage Digital.”


STEP 1: Advertising

We have experience in generating over 500,000 leads from Social Media Marketing and PPC. We design your ads, copy, sales pages, lead surveys and all other assets needed in your first week.

We offer our service as a completely done-for-you option meaning we don’t want to take the stress out of lead generation completely, all your team needs to do is contact the leads.

STEP 2: We Setup Your Sales Dashboard

What separates our offering from other agencies is that we filter your leads for you and only hand across leads that are ready to be sold to. Removing tyre kickers from your marketing funnel and saving you time and money in the process.

You and your team have access to your dashboard each month while your leads are sent automatically to you by a live google sheet or sms.

We work with you and your team to decide what a qualified lead is for your business and how much filtering you want to take place.

STEP 3: You Get Sales

On average a client lands a lead within the first 5 days working with us and see an instant improvement in lead flow once advertising goes live.

We work on a transparent partnership with clients allowing us to have an open conversation when it comes to revenue and overall business goals as we want to be aligned to grow each client we work with.

Our focus is on your sales and revenue not vanity metrics like facebook likes or instagram clicks. We focus on the thing that makes a business successful and that is revenue. 



A full brand audit and strategy session

Custom landing page for you business ie – quote.yourbusiness.com

Custom lead form and lead magnet creation to get you more leads

Pixel creation and marketing tracking setup

Advertising graphics across multiple platforms (8-12 graphics and videos every month)

Create Advertising on Social Platforms, Google and more

Link all accounts to a custom sales CRM Dashboard

Automation so leads go directly to your email and phone.

All included in a monthly fee to remove headache from your business and make it easy to plug us into your current business.


Here are some results...


We generated leads for open house bookings for only $4 per lead. 

We automate the follow up with a brochure of the home and a SMS to verify the lead once they have completed the form.

These are then forwarded to your sales team to close.

Over 60 Modular Home Leads

Leads are pre-qualified with down-payments, land ownership and financing before being handed across to the client.

Automated SMS, EMAIL and nurturing process in place for the team.

Google Advertising Leads

Over 34 leads in total generated from google for this client with 72 total including their Meta funnel.

Leads are for a manufactured home client and verified to have downpayments, land ownership and over 6 more qualifying questions.

Leads are then forwarded to the sales team to contact and close.

Over 500 Modular Office Leads

Over 500 leads for garden room and modular office business with options for 1 bedroom pods.

General interest leads for volume for the sales team to contact, we created all content and it went viral on socials leading to one of our lowest CPLs for modulars at only €1/$1.

Leads were sent directly to the sales team with a Email Notification and SMS to alert them of the details each time.


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