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Get Started

A new approach to Lead Generation

We work with businesses on a performance basis meaning we only take payment on sales we actually generate.

Do you currently have an agency that charges you a monthly retainer?

We remove that overhead and work in partnership to guarantee sales each month

STEP 1: Advertising

We have experience in generating over 500,000 leads from Social Media Marketing. We design your ads, copy, sales pages, lead surveys and all other assets needed in your first week.

STEP 2: We Manage your Leads in a custom Dashboard

What separates our offering from other agencies is that we filter your leads for you and only hand across leads that are ready to be sold to. Removing tyre kickers from your marketing funnel and saving you time and money in the process.


On average we land sales calls in the first week of working with a client, the only thing for you to do is close them.

No upfront fee or monthly retainer. 


When we onboard a client we usually do the following:

Full Brand Audit for Market suitability 

Update website to optimize leads

Add a Lead Magnet / Lead Form

Add Live Chat to website

Create Advertising Graphics 

Create Advertising on Social Platforms and LinkedIn

Link all accounts to a custom sales CRM Dashboard

Automation so leads go directly to your email and phone

All with no monthly retainer or upfront cost, we only get paid on confirmed sales.


Here are some results...

Leads for as little as 82c

We can generate high level leads from as little as 82c which are then filtered by our in house team to only filter through leads that have a high chance of conversion.

These are then forwarded to your sales team to close.

Less hassle, More sales, More Profit. 

High Value PCP Leads

High value finance leads with in-depth questioning can be created so that when a lead comes in you have all of the information to process the customer for finance.

Less hassle, More sales, More Profit. 

Google Advertising

We generated over 59 Direct phone calls for this client in a month. 

Outranking Blind installations across Dublin, Ireland and filtering into a CRM dashboard which allows us to track the quality of calls coming in.


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